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Other Products

Here we list our special products which do not come under our standard product categories. (Click on an image for a larger picture.)

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Blue Lias Clay
This puddle or engineering clay is used extensively for the construction of lakes and ponds and is of excellent quality. We can advise on laying, together with suitable contractors who can construct and engineer your projects.

Granite Setts
We are suppliers of new and reclaimed setts. Please ask for details.

Silver Grey Granite Setts
Railway Sleepers
Grade A or B quality sleepers are available in bulk of 250 – 300 per load. We can supply smaller quantities in certain areas. Please ask for details.

Railway Sleepers
Cornish Horticultural Grit
This silver rounded granite is available in three grades. It can be used for mixing composts, or for building Alpine or Japanese gardens.

Cornish Grit
Long Jump Pit Sand
We can supply a quality washed silica medium grade sand, and being white in colour is ideal for the long jump pit. Available in bulk loads.

Long jump pit sand
Gabion Basket Fill
Gabion baskets are wire mesh containers used for retaining banks, especially around rivers and bridges. The stone required must be 75mm-200mm and should be of an angular hard rock type. Please contact us for details.