Coloured Aggregates

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Coloured Aggregates

There is a wonderful array of decorative aggregates of different colours shapes and textures that will enhance any garden or driveway. Here are the most popular ones: (Click on an image for a larger picture

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Golden Flint

Golden Flint
Natural golden flint is very hard and durable and does not lose its colour. It is one of our best selling shingles and used extensively for gravel drives and paths. It is available in 20mm or 10mm.

Golden Flint Shingle

Cotswold Chippings
Typical Cotswold cream coloured chippings, angular shaped and available in 20mm. It is used for driveways but is not as durable as the flint.

Cotswold Chipping

Cotswold Cerney Gravel
From the Cotswold Water Park, it is a semi-rounded, flat stone available in 40mm, 20mm and 10mm pea gravel. It is very popular and extensively used on driveways and in gardens.

Cotswold Gravel

Golden Brown Sandstone
This gravel is the same as the Cotswold Cerney gravel above in all respects but is a lot darker brown in colour giving a very attractive finish for your driveway. Available in 20m 10mm 6mm.

Golden Brown Sandstone

A rounded golden brown flint shingle, very hard and full of colour, available in 20mm and 10mm.


A light and dark grey and fawn angular flint shingle suitable for driveways. Available in 20mm or 10mm. Something a little different.


Cornish Silver Granite
These silver with black fleck chippings from Cornwall are available in sizes 20mm, 14mm, 10mm and 6mm. The are very decorative and are suitable for drives and paths and Japanese gardens.

Cornish Silver Granite

Staffordshire Pink
Partly rounded and partly crushed, this lilac coloured quartz gravel is very hard and is available in 14mm.

Staffordshire Pink

Red Granite Chippings
Dark red angular chippings, it is extensively used on driveways in certain areas of the country and is available in 20mm, 14mm and 10mm.

Red Quartz Chippings

Green Criggion Chippings
This basalt green flecked chipping is available in 20mm, 14mm and 10mm.

Green Chiggon Chippings

Oatmeal Gravel
This quartz, predominately rounded shingle, is lilac coloured and available in 40mm, 20mm and 10mm – very popular.

10ml Oatmeal Gravel
Welsh Slate
This flat slate shale is available in plum, blue and green and has become extremely popular in the last few years. The three colours are available in 40mm, 20mm and 10mm and also available as paddlestones, tumbled to smooth off any rough edges and are sized up to 75mm.

Monoliths are also available, drilled or undrilled up to 5′ 0″ in height.

Welsh Plum Slate

Welsh Blue Slate

Welsh Green Slate

Anglian Pebbles
These flint pebbles are a greyish blue and brown mix. They are smooth, and irregular in shape. They are graded in 20mm, 40mm and 40-100mm. These cobbles are widely used in East Anglia in walls and anti-pedestrian areas.

Anglian Flint Cobble

Cornish Pebbles
These smooth rounded pebbles are brown and gold in colour and come in sizes of 20mm and 40mm.

Cornish Pebbles

Classic Pebbles
These quartz pebbles are multi-coloured, rounded, washed and graded. Available in sizes: 5mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 30mm, 50mm and 75-125mm.

Classic Pebbles

Scottish Pebbles & Cobbles
We are a large supplier of these top quality granite cobbles and pebbles from the North of Scotland. We can offer competitive rates for bulk loads.
Available in sizes: 10-20mm, 20-30mm, 30-50mm, 50-90mm and 90mm plus.

Scottish Cobbles

Scallop Shells
Crushed, washed and screened and are suitable for pathways and mulching.

Crushed Scallop Shells

Polished Chinese Pebbles
These highly polished 20-40mm pebbles are available in 20kg bags of mixed colours. Very decorative for water feature areas and indoor ornamental displays.

Chinese Pebbles

Salsa Pink
Crushed, washed and screened and are suitable for pathways and mulching.