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Golf Course Supplies

We offer  a comprehensive range of quality materials. Below is just a small sample, please visit our specialist Golf Supplies website to view our full range of products. (Click on an image for a larger picture.)

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Bunker Sands
There are several sands available, our most popular being “Millwood” and “Kingswwod” bunker sand. They are a medium grade, light coloured sand, which are resistant to “windblow”. Please contact us for a sample and further details.

Bunker Sand
Path Gravels & Cockleshells
A full range of path gravels, suitable for course pathways and buggy tracks are available. For more Path Gravels click here.

Turf Dressing, Rootzones & Divot Mix
All products are available from our works in Lancashire and can be supplied nationwide by bulk transport. These products are produced with a top quality low pH topsoil and blended with a medium grade Silica sand.

Greens & Tees Construction Materials
We can offer lime free materials suitable for the construction of tees and greens from various sources across the country. These products will be a course aggregate for the base and drainage layer, a course low pH grit for the choker layer and a suitable rootzone sand soil mix for the playing surface. Please contact us for details.


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Puddle Clay
This puddle or engineering clay is used extensively for the construction of lakes and ponds and is of excellent quality. We can advise on laying, together with suitable contractors who can construct and engineer your projects.

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Cobbles & Pebbles
To add to your lakes for the perfect finish. All sizes and types available. For more Cobbles & Pebbles click here.

Rocks & Boulders
To add to your lakes for the perfect finish. All sizes and types available. For more Rocks & Boulders click here.

Sarsen Stone
Railway Sleepers
Grade A or B quality sleepers are available in bulk of 250 – 300 per load. We can supply smaller quantities in certain areas. Please ask for details.

Railway Sleepers
Soils & Silica Sands
A full range is available. For more Soils click here

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Rocks for Tee Markers
Add a little extra to your course with these aesthetically pleasing Natural Purbeck Limestone Tee Markers. These stones are specially selected for their shape, size, colour and their frost resistance. The “Cotswold” coloured stones will be supplied with the marker plates produced to your specification. Please enquire for further details.

Tee Marker

Cobbles are also available drilled for water features by request.