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Cobbles & Pebbles

Our cobbles & pebbles have enhanced many water features.  They can also be used in anti-pedestrian areas. Available in loose, bulk loads and some are supplied bagged.  (Click on an image for a larger picture.)

Cobbles & Pebbles

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Scottish Pebbles & Cobbles
We are a large supplier of these top quality granite cobbles and pebbles from the North of Scotland. We can offer competitive rates for bulk loads.
Available in sizes: 10-20mm, 20-30mm, 30-50mm, 50-90mm and 90mm plus.

Scottish Cobbles

Lakeland Granite Cobbles
These are granite and colours vary from speckled silver and pink to dark and light greys. They are suitable for water features and set in concrete for anti-pedestrian areas. Approximate sizes are 40-80mm and 80mm plus.

Lakeland Cobble

Classic Pebbles
These quartz pebbles are multi-coloured, rounded, washed and graded. Available in sizes: 5mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 30mm, 50mm and 75-125mm.

Classic Pebbles

Cornish Pebbles
These smooth rounded pebbles are brown and gold in colour and come in sizes of 20mm and 40mm.

Cornish Pebbles

Anglian Pebbles
These flint pebbles are a greyish blue and brown mix. They are smooth, and irregular in shape. They are graded in 20mm, 40mm and 40-100mm. These cobbles are widely used in East Anglia in walls and anti-pedestrian areas.

Anglian Flint Cobble

Ingleton Cobbles
These quartz cobbles are light pink & beige in colour and are smooth, round and flat in shape. Sizes are 75-125mm.

Ingleton Cobbles

These slate paddlestones are available in plum, green and black. Approximate sizes are 40-70mm or 75-100mm.


Cobbles are also available drilled for water features by request.